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    Book quizzes online

    Featured Quizzes. A Sarah Dessen Fan Quiz taken times 20 questions. The David Baldacci Expert Quiz taken times 33 questions really liked it. Popular Quizzes. The Hunger Games Quiz! The Spirit of Imagination taken times 6 questions really liked it. Guess the book taken times 8 questions. Twilight Saga Quiz taken times 10 questions. Guess The First Sentence taken times 22 questions.

    Are you a true Divergent Fan? Quizzes With Recent Activity. To all the boys I've loved before taken times 10 questions. Fifty Shades Of Grey taken times 10 questions. The Lies of Locke Lamora taken times 10 questions.

    Can You Guess the Book Cover? Browse By Tag. Quizzes About Books. No quizzes about books yet. Quizzes About Authors. No quizzes about authors yet. New Quizzes. Harry Potter Quiz by Lilli's Reads 10 questions, taken 15 times. Agatha Raisin Books by JessTumer 10 questions, taken 1 time. Poinsettia and the Firefighters by Tabithia Richter 5 questions, taken 1 time. Now You See MeLooking for free online books? Explore thousands of titles and read books online for free.

    Most Popular Quizzes. The Reading Personality Quiz. Fantasy and mystery Quiz. L Stine? Vikram and the Vampire's Author Puzzle. Tale of Two CItites Quiz. How well do you know Spongebob Quiz. The lovely bones. The Hunger Games Quiz. The hunger Games quiz of a true fan. Dork Diaries Tales from AR test. Poptropica Quiz. Harry Potter Books Quiz.

    book quizzes online

    Bible Verses Quiz. Warriors Erin Hunter quiz The Book Thief Quiz. Macbeth's Author Puzzle. Animal Farm Quiz. World According to Garp's Author Puzzle. Schooled Book Quiz. Ramayana Dharshanam's Author Puzzle. Are you a true Twilight fan Quiz. Skulduggery Pleasant Quiz. Mindless Behavior Quiz. Fault in our questions.

    Percy Jackson Chronicles Quiz. How do you know your Nancy Drew.Stories can transport us into other worlds. If you're a 'bookworm', test your knowledge in these fun and interesting quizzes.

    All these book quizzes can be printed for off-line use. There are nearly quizzes and to make it easy for you to find the ones that interest you we have listed them alphabetically in groups. If you are looking for quizzes about autobiographies then you will need to look under "Genre - Autobiographies To comply with the new e-Privacy directive, we need to ask for your consent - I agree - No thanks - Find out more.

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    Author - Agatha Christie. Author - Beatrix Potter.

    Books Quizzes

    Author - C S Lewis. Author - Catherine Cookson. Author - Charles Dickens 1. Author - Charles Dickens 2. Author - Charles Dickens 3. Author - Charles Dickens 4. Author - Clive Cussler. Author - D H Lawrence. Author - Dan Brown. Author - Danielle Steel. Author - Enid Blyton.

    book quizzes online

    Author - Ernest Hemingway. Author - Geoffrey Chaucer.Showing result for "" Clear. Learn with India's Best Faculty with a total experience of more than years, having taught more than 1 lakh students.

    All questions and solutions, designed by top exam experts, based on latest patterns and actual exam level. Know your weaknesses, strengths and everything else that you need to know to improve your score and rank.

    Get your All-India Rank and feel the thrill of a real-exam. Groom your pressure handling and time management skills. Clear all your queries and doubts on our discussion platform.

    Directly interact with experts, teachers and your peers. Entire platform is available in Hindi and English. Language shouldn't be a barrier to your learning.

    What's Your Reading Personality?

    The testbook test series is all you would need to get through. The simple user interface and the clarity of analysis they provide is best across all platforms that you may come across and that is exactly what is needed.

    Thank you testbook. It is the best for GATE aspirants as the level of questions is on par with the real exam. The questions are on par with the actual exams and help me prepare for the GATE exam.

    I also attempted various live tests and few reward quizzes. I am thankful to Testbook for helping me get an All India Rank of Testbook's detailed analysis along with their high quality questions made me better and better with each test that I attempted.

    Your Youtube videos were quite knowledgeable, especially the Banking Awareness videos were awesome! Thank You Testbook. Your test series is very helpful for me. It helped me a lot in clearing my concepts. Thank you Testbook team for all your support.

    book quizzes online

    Since then, I started following Testbook and bought the course pass near in the mid of August. Thank you and please keep up the good work. This is my second attempt. And the difference this time is joining the SBI PO live course on Testbook, which enhanced my knowledge in each and every subject related to the exam. I sincerely thank each and every one from the Testbook team.

    I was able to identify my weak areas and work on them accordingly. I am deeply grateful to Testbook for providing such an excellent test series which was on par with the actual GATE exam. I always attempted the live test to gain confidence for the final exam.Progress: 1 of 12 questions. Test your knowledge on the book The Hunger Games!! Who does Katniss live with? Progress: 2 of 12 questions. What district works with lumber? Progress: 3 of 12 questions. How did Katniss's father die?

    Progress: 4 of 12 questions. Effie Trinket doesn't like what? Progress: 5 of 12 questions. Since when has Peeta had a crush on Katniss?

    book quizzes online

    He only pretends to love her. Progress: 6 of 12 questions. What does Peeta tell Katniss she isn't good at? Progress: 7 of 12 questions.

    What is the name of the berries that kills "Foxface"? Progress: 8 of 12 questions. In the cave, Katniss tells Peeta the story of when Progress: 9 of 12 questions. In which Hunger Games does Katniss compete? Progress: 10 of 12 questions. Progress: 11 of 12 questions. When does Peeta discover that Katniss is acting her love for him? Progress: 12 of 12 questions. Most people in the Seam have what color of eyes?

    Alcpt book quiz 7 b

    Before you submit this quiz. Would you like to go back and check your answers?Speak now. Which playwright, a contemporary of Shakespeare, was killed in a bar fight? Who is the Scottish author whose family were famous for building lighthouses?

    We delve into literature from every period, and from every part of the world to give you questions which will test your knowledge and at the same time inform and educate you about the vast treasure trove of literature. From Shakespeare to Robert Louis Stevenson, from Tolstoy to Tolkien, from Confucius to Kipling, take our quizzes and see how much you know about our written heritage. Books speak a lot about the writer and the reader.

    One may pick up a book simply because they want to live in a world that exists in the hardcover or want to learn something new. Do you know which type of book someone like you Sample Question. Something with tonnes of gore, and that'll make me have nightmares! Something with a lot of action! I dislike the boring crap Some really obscure independent film, with an odd idea Something that'll make me question who the real culprit is! Something set in the far-off future, with a lot of futuristic stuff!

    Something from the past, with a lot of magic! Funny stuff. Something that'll make me sit at the edge of my seat, and that'll make me think 'What the hell just happened? Trivia Quiz. The details provided in a reference are clues to the resource type. For example, a reference to a chapter in an edited ebook looks different from a reference to a blog post. In this exercise, you will have the opportunity to Chapter in edited ebook. Journal article. Online newspaper article. When we think about parties in the summer we think about the new people we get to meet and the tons of fun we would have.

    Are you planning on working at the library and are looking for a way to test out your skills when it comes to arranging books on a shelf? You are in luck as the quiz below will do Timmons, C - Easter Island. Timons, W - The New Dress. Timothy, C - Tiger Eyes. Timmons, R - April Rain.Welcome to the book quiz section! We have many questions aimed at increasing and testing a child's knowledge of books and literature. We offer a mixture of easy and hard questions which are free to access for teachers, parents and children.

    Quizzes can be a fun and fast way to increase a child's general knowledge and our questions are geared to gently push children into further exploration of books and reading. And we ask questions about authors, literary characters, and classic novels, but go to great efforts to make our kids' quizzes a lot more fun and interesting!

    Please take a further look if you wish to discover more about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Peter Pan! Our book quizzes asks questions on both classic books and modern literature.

    Discover which book the Cheshire Cat was in, and more about Dr Seuss! Do you know which author created 'Winnie the Pooh' or what happens to Pinocchio's nose if he tells a lie? These are just some of the questions in our book quiz section. We also include a mixture of British and American books. And many children's classics are well known the world over, including the two books just mentioned. There's also a page on the immensely popular Harry Potter series of books written by British author J.

    The questions and answers are easy to follow by being on the same page. Our online quizzes are also free and print friendly - only the questions and answers get printed and NOT the navigation bars and images, etc. Navigation is easy with all the book quizzes just one click away with return buttons back to the main index. Book Quizzes for Kids.


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